2020 Parts for Extruded Aluminum Frame

One of our facebook members had a need for a couple 2020 parts for a build they were doing so I figured I would follow thru and model other parts for a 2020 extrusion build. These parts are similar to what might be used on a 3030 Haribo build with the exception they have been designed for the 2020 Aluminum extrusions. As time allows I will add more of any required parts to this archive to allow for a complete 2020 build.

Download “2020 Parts for extruded aluminum frame” 2020_Extrusion_Parts.zip – Downloaded 173 times – 339 KB

Whats in the archive to date?

  • T Bracket
  • L Bracket
  • Y Idler
  • Y Rod Mount
  • Y Motor Mount
  • Left & Right Z Motor Mounts

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