Dual Duct parts cooling for the MK2

Made for the Prusa i3 mk2. Blasts the air on each side of your print, preventing part curling and greatly increase the ability to print more extreme overhangs and improved bridging.
Print in petg, abs or PC.

Support is built in for the lower Mount hole. Trim off after print completed.
Duct should be mounted with the mount plate behind the parts blower fan then secured in place with screws.

Note: Works with a E3D Silicone sock in place as well.
Have also ran a 30 minute test at 245 nozzle temp with fan off. No melting or drooping with E3D Silicone sock on heater block.

Suitable for either the MK2 or MK2S.


Download “Dual Fan Duct for Prusa Mk2” Prusa_Dual_Nozzle_with_Bracket_and_support.zip – Downloaded 340 times – 257 KB

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