Keeping it simple with the Pinda Height Lug
Scott Smith

Last updated on April 9th, 2017 at 10:15 am

There’s more than one way to set your Pinda probe to an acceptable distance form your hot bed. The idea is a simple one. Your Carriage mounts to your printer, Your nozzle is mounted your extruder, your nozzle is fixed to your extruder. Well guess what? You’re Pinda probe mount is also part of this assembly.

With this simple printed part, for pinda2athose who “can’t spare a dime” (Pun Intended) you’ll be able to easily manage with precision your Pinda Probe’s relation to the nozzle and the hot bed.


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After printing out a copy of the download file below, loosen your Pinda probe nuts and lower or raise the probe so that it is even with the printed part you printed once it is slid over the probe. After you have the probe even with the printed part as shown in the photo, tighten the bottom nut, you can even use the part to tighten the nut. Keep in mind, this part does not stay on your probe. It is only to set the probe at a measured distance so remember to take it off once completed.
Finally run the Calibration code you received with your printer to get your live Z value set.

Pinda3aSo in effect what we’ve accomplished here with this tool is as suggested by the Prusa assembly guide. As we see in the assembly guide It is shown as:



And by the way. If your already getting good reliable prints with your current location & placement of your probe, there really is no reason to do it again except maybe print a copy to have for in the future when you do a printer tear down and upgrade.

Have fun and enjoy!

Download “Pinda height Lug” – Downloaded 343 times – 11 KB

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