Lithopane Lightbox 3D Print
Scott Smith

Last updated on January 10th, 2017 at 09:35 pm

Print a lightbox for you’re lithograph prints. This setup uses a led light available on Ebay powered by a common 12v power supply you may have or can adapt to power the LED.

The parts for this download are below and contain the main lightbox frame and the top portion for the lightbox.
When printing your lithopanes print them at 124mm x 2mm x 124mm The receiving slots are sized a bit larger than the lithopanes so they should easily insert if printed ad the above measurements. I printed with a 15% infill

Will post up photos of the completed project, however lithopanes take a long time to print…


Click for larger image


Here is a single pane I’ve printed and inserted. Have not wired the lighting as of yet and am in the process of printing more to complete the lightbox.


Click for full image

The lights used for this as well as for the Prusa LED Light mod are available on Ebay HERE.

In the light kit you get 5 of the larger led’s as well as an assortment of other led adapters I’ve not found a use for yet.


Download “Lithopane Lightbox” – Downloaded 122 times – 85 KB

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