MK2 Force Perpendicular Rods
Scott Smith

With these 2 pieces you can get your y carriage perpendicular every time.
The split rods are 170mm in length and clip on over the 10mm threaded rods.

Note: These go between the nuts so a nut touches each end of this printed piece.

How to: Loosen the nuts on the rods so that you can clip on the split 170mm covers. Hand tighten the nuts so they press against the rods firmly. Tighten the back side double nuts against the main z frame. Your Prusa i3 Mk2 has no choice but to be perpendicular. It’s simple math…

There is also a pre sliced version with brim included that can easily be printed in PLA on your Prusa i3 Mk2 available if needed.

Note: There is a side to be used for cable management and another for the right side.
Print them both on end with a brim of 10 or so perimeters.




Have fun with these, download the rods below.
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