Why do my 3D prints Friggin suck

I’ve received a few emails where persons are sending me photos of their prints and ask Why do my prints suck?
Well prints sucking is par for the course until you get a grip on why they suck, then & only then can you lower the suck factor.

First off, you will have bad prints, this is just the way it is. You can however help eliminate reasons why prints start off bad and become worse.
Getting a good first layer is important for the simple fact that if it starts out good, usually it stays the same and continues to print well.

Speed, heat and material are all important factors in achieving great prints. Know your material… And if you discover you have crap material, don’t be afraid to toss it or give it to a friend 😉

Once you learn each material, make notes of the temp for nozzle and bed you last used that performed well. All material types are not the same, one may print well at 210 while another strings all over the place. Adjust your temps to what gives you a nice print and use the Mfg’s temp only as a guideline. Your printers thermister is unique to your printer and will degrade over time so today 210 might be perfect and 3 months from now 195 may be the new 210 for your setup.

Below is a photo of some common reasons why problems happen and what you can look for to identify them..

Remember, before each print Clean the Bed with 99% or thereabouts IPA Isopropyl Alcohol, If you do this before every print you’re already on your way to having successful first layers and a higher success rate in the future.

What can go wrong with the first layer and what to look for.

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