Haribo V2 Improved Parts

Last updated on August 2nd, 2018 at 05:08 am

In addition to the parts below I do offer printing the upgrade kit for the Haribo 3030 as well as the extruder assembly. Both can be found by following this link.

Improvements to the Haribo 3030 Parts available below.

Beefed up,refined and generally made better Parts for the Haribo 3030 mod, Some of the original parts had shortcomings that were overlooked and have been addressed with these totally new models.

Dual Duct parts cooling for the MK2 & Haribo

Download “Dual Fan Duct for Prusa Mk2” Prusa_Dual_Nozzle_with_Bracket_and_support.zip – Downloaded 333 times – 257 KB

Haribo 3030 Filment Spool Holder with Guide

Download “Haribo 3030 Filament Holder with Guide” Haribo-3030-Filament-Spool-Mount.zip – Downloaded 176 times – 190 KB

Prusa MK2 to MK3 Extruder Conversion

Gives you the ability to modify with a couple new parts to convert your MK2/MK2s and Haribo to use the MK3 Extruder assembly. No need for the Bondtech gears or filament run-out sensor. You will need a few nuts and bolts. Details in the download. Parts in red & Green are the new parts for this mod.

Download “Prusa MK2 to MK3 Extruder Conversion” MK2-MK3_Extruder_Conversion.zip – Downloaded 474 times – 2 MB

Haribo 3030 Perpendicular Guide (helps assure Your Perpendicular)

Temporarily place this on the front and rear ends of your X Frame to get proper spacing of your Y rod mounts. Note: You should already have in place your printed end caps.

Download “Haribo 3030 Perpendicular Guide” Haribo_Perp.zip – Downloaded 239 times – 729 B

Display Encoder Knob

Download “Display Encoder Knob” Encoder_Knob.zip – Downloaded 124 times – 2 MB

3030 Channel covers. (Scale length for custom sizes)

Download “3030 Channel Cover” 3030-Channel_Cover.zip – Downloaded 214 times – 822 B

Haribo Alternate L Brackets for 18mm Tnut

Download “Haribo Alternate L Brackets for 18mm Tnuts” 6x_l_bracket_18mm_spacer.zip – Downloaded 171 times – 21 KB

Haribo Padded Foot (TPU or Flex)

Download “Haribo Padded Foot” Haribo_Padded_Foot.zip – Downloaded 153 times – 224 KB

Y Rod Holder With Pass Thru for Non Standard Length Y rods allow y rods to extend out back if necessary.

Download “Haribo V2 Y Rod Mounts with Pass thru” Y_Rod_holders_W_Pass_thru.zip – Downloaded 271 times – 193 KB

Standard Y rod Holder for Haribo

Download “Haribo V2 Improved Y Rod Holders” Y_Rod_holders.zip – Downloaded 270 times – 181 KB

Stubby Y Rod Holder for Haribo  When you need more room for PSU and Rambo Mount

Download “Stubby Y Rod Holder for Haribo” Stubby_Y_Rod_Holder.zip – Downloaded 102 times – 66 KB

Power Supply Bottom Case

Download “Haribo V2 PSU Bottom Case” PSU_Bottom_Case.zip – Downloaded 246 times – 22 KB

Power Supply Top Lid

Download “Haribo V2 PSU Top Lid” PSU_Top_Lid.zip – Downloaded 216 times – 80 KB

Improved Motor Mounts

Download “Haribo V2 Improved Z Motor Mounts” Z_Motor_Mount_Pair.zip – Downloaded 268 times – 96 KB

Improved Motor Mounts with Bolt recession for more flush fit assembly Same as above but with recessions.

Download “Haribo V2 Improved Z Motor Mounts w/Recessions” Z_Motor_Mount_W_Recessions_Pair.zip – Downloaded 263 times – 135 KB

X and Z Motor mounts and idlers for use with Z Motor Coupler 4mm Rod Offset

Download “4mm offset for Haribo with Z Coupler” 4mm_offset_for_Haribo_with_Z_Coupler.zip – Downloaded 171 times – 306 KB

Linear Bearing Mounts for Igus, Misumi or Stock Prusa

Download “Haribo V2 Improved Linear Bearing Mounts” Linear_Bearing_Brackets.zip – Downloaded 317 times – 365 KB

Dual LED Light Bracket Z Rod Support Mod

Download “Haribo 3030 Dual LED Mount” Haribo_3030_Double_LED_Light_Bracket.zip – Downloaded 198 times – 381 KB

Haribo Better Y Belt Mount

Download “Haribo Better Y Belt Mount” Better_Y_Belt_Mount.zip – Downloaded 312 times – 11 KB

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