Nozzle Replacement prevent leaks
Scott Smith

Last updated on June 23rd, 2017 at 09:08 am

Replacing or changing your nozzle is often needed when changing print resolutions or replacing an old and worn out nozzle.

Changing your nozzle should be done while the nozzle and heat block is hot and there is no filament in the extruder assembly.

After you have unloaded any filament from your extruder warm your nozzle up to around 230-250 degrees. Place a crescent wrench on the heat block and another properly sized wrench on your nozzle and gently remove the nozzle from the heat block.

If the area around the heat block is dirty wipe clean the debris from that area and thread in your new or replacement nozzle into the heat block while it is still hot. When threading i the new nozzle verify that it seats against the heat break tube and is not bottoming out on the heat block itself. If the nozzle bottoms out on the heat block you will experience leaks from the area above the nozzle and between the heat block, so take care to verify your nozzle is not bottoming out and is properly seated against the heat break tube.


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