Prusa MK3 to MK2 extruder body conversion

Last updated on January 29th, 2018 at 10:15 am

Simply based on the fact that I enjoy modeling and there were a couple requests for this mod I set forth to model an extruder body assembly where you could use most of your existing MK2 extruder hardware in the newer MK3 style extruder body.

You will need to print a few parts for this mod that will convert your MK2/MK2s for the updated extruder assembly. You’ll be able to use your currrent Hot end, Pinda probe, parts cooling fan, you’ll only need to upgrade to the 40mm Noctua [LINK] heat break fan.

You should experience better parts cooling, better bridging and a quieter fan than before.

Updated: 1-28-2018

Download “Prusa MK2 to MK3 Extruder Conversion” – Downloaded 474 times – 2 MB

Note: I also included an upper and lower body that will accommodate a 30mm fan rather than the 40mm Noctua fan if you prefer.

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Some additional photos of a printed and assembled unit courtesy of: Natalia Gonzalez Trajtman

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