2525 printable parts for the Haribo build
2525 printable parts for the Haribo build avatar

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DOUGIEFRESH530DOUGIEFRESH530 Staff asked 2 years ago

Hello guy. I just joined on here tonight. I was wondering if I could get some help from someone. I am in the process of building Haribo frame upgrade and I realized I bought 2525 extrusion instead of 3030 I scaled down all the parts I could that wouldn’t be afftect with liner shafts and motor mounts, basically just the end caps and tee brackets I was able to scale I was wondering if anyone would mind scalling down the 3030 printed parts down to 2525? if it takes a lot of time I don’t mind paying you for your time! it would be awesome if you guys could help thanks
thanks a bunch,

Patch replied 2 years ago


Im in same boat. This is what i found today 🙂