Simplify 3D Factory Files make printing easier

Having a well rounded factory file to simply open up, drop in a model and begin printing is as easy as it gets. Factory files are similar to profiles but without all the hassle . A Simplify 3D factory file saves all the print parameters as well as start and end scripts that make printing much more repeatable and consistent.
Getting started with Factory files is extremely easy to do, just open S3D then from

Factory File Open Menu

the file menu select open Factory file. Next just drop in your models, arrange them as you like on the bed surface, make any duplicates if required then save the factory file for later use. All your settings, support, duplicates and any custom tweaks you’ve made will also be saved with the factory file for the next time you open it.

I’ve found it very helpful to make a factory file master (I’ll include a couple below you can download) that I’ve already tweaked to get awesome results with Esun PLA+ and Esun PETG.

One method I also like to use is for each project, I create a folder on my hard drive with the project name and in that folder place all the stl’s that are used in that project. Once I’ve arranged the models as I like for the print job I then save a new factory file into that projects folder for the next time I need to print it. This comes in very handy and I know I’ll get the same results as before.

Below I have made available 2 Factory files to get you started. Simply open them in S3D as shown in the picture, drop your models in and once your happy with the arrangement, save out a new factory file for your future needs.

Download “Simplify 3D Factory Files PLA & PETG” – Downloaded 438 times – 7 KB

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